Our clients are crushing it.

They’re solving water quality issues, inventing medical devices, shifting stale industries, and empowering our best selves. They are constantly developing new ways to delight us, educate us, inspire us, and rally us together for a greater good.

Our expertise helps good people make waves. It's a dream.

Case studies:

Frontier Water Systems

Branding / Website / Collateral / Illustrations


Rebrand / Brand Camp / Website / Campaign

BAM Communications

Branding / Website / Pitch Decks / Animations

W.D. Dickinson

Rebrand / Brand Camp / Collateral / Instagram Styling

Ready to make waves?

The power of branding drives us every day to help our clients grow. We’re not in the business of “servicing accounts.” At Four Fin, we embark on passion-driven partnerships.  

An independent, all-female studio in SoCal creating clear brands that gain attention and build credibility. Make Waves.